The possible aids

Rental aids:

Visale: a rental guarantee for the private sector

  • Free guarantee of payment of rent and rental charges
  • Young people up to the age of 30*
  • Employees over the age of 30 hired (or with a promise of employment) within less than 6 months (excluding confirmed permanent employment contracts)
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Coverage of a maximum of 36 months of unpaid rent
  • Maximum amount of rent with charges: 1,500 € in Paris and 1,300 € in the rest of the territory

*until the 31st birthday – excluding non-scholarship students attached to the parent’s tax household.
Aid subject to conditions.

ANAH: Agence National de l’Habitat

Do you have a rental investment project? Do you own an apartment or house that you have rented or are planning to rent? In order to enhance your property or to make it available for rental, work is necessary. You can benefit from financial aid from the Anah for this.

2 rue des Pâtis 58000 Nevers
telephone: 03 86 71 70 80 / 03 86 71 70 98

Rehabilitation aids:


The C.D.H.U. is part of the SOLIHA associative network (2,700 employees) and has an agency in Nevers, with 11 employees. The technicians provide technical support (diagnoses, recommendations, etc.), administrative support (preparation of files, relations with partners, etc.) and financial support (creation of financing plans, search for solutions, support for the payment of grants, etc.).

Do not hesitate to contact the C.D.H.U. Soliha, your single contact, to accompany you in your applications:

C.D.H.U. 5, boulevard Saint-Exupéry 58000 NEVERS (Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm, Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm)

The home improvement loan (PAH)

Concerns owners of their main residence, to undertake repair, improvement, sanitation or thermal insulation works (excluding maintenance work (wallpaper, paintwork, etc.).
For those covered by the general regime, visit

Contact: Nièvre CAF 0810.25.58.10.

Are you an owner-occupier, pensioner of Carsat Bourgogne – Franche-Comté?

You can apply for aid to improve your accommodation and thus facilitate the possibility of remaining in your home 

An aid for work assessed according to your resources and the evaluation of your vulnerabilities:

Find out more by contacting Carsat Bourgogne – Franche-Comté.
Call 3960 (0.06 € per minute + price of the call) from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4:30 pm (4 pm on Fridays). Press 3 then your department number, then 4.

Nièvre CAUE: advice from an architect

Whether renovating / improving the thermal performance of a home or undertaking new projects or re-developments, the CAUE allows you to benefit from the advice of an architect free of charge, by appointment in Nevers, by telephone or on site after an initial contact.

The CAUE does not provide grants or administrative authorisations but, if necessary, will direct you to the institutional partners (ANAH, ALE or DDT) which can help with your project.

Nièvre CAUE
3 rue des trois carreaux – 58000 NEVERS
03 86 71 66 90 /

Fonds Nivernais d’Aide à la Maitrise de l’Energie (FNAME) and Fonds Social Logement (FSL)

A person is in a situation of fuel poverty when he/she devotes more than 10% of their budget to energy or when they voluntarily deprive themselves of energy (no heating, etc.).

For owner-occupiers and landlords, the FNAME can help finance works: insulation, mechanical air management system, change of boiler, etc.

This aid is means-tested.

Owners must contact a social worker who arranges an appointment with an energy advisor.  He checks the whole house, gives advice and draws up a report which is examined by a committee.


Le Fonds Petits Travaux FSL

This fund can be accumulated with the FNAME for up to 3,500 € for owner-occupiers and 1,750 € for landlords

Applicants must be eligible for the ‘FSL energy’ and the work should only concern the current accommodation. The application is examined by a social worker of the department.

Nièvre Rénov’

Through the single contact point of Nièvre Rénov’ on, whatever the personal situation or project, users benefit from free and independent support, from project design to implementation.

As a first step, a technician specialising in energy efficiency will perform a diagnosis of the accommodation and provide personalised recommendations concerning the work to be carried out.

Then the financing of the project will be studied, taking into account the user’s personal situation and the various aids available. Finally, eco-friendly gestures will be reinforced in order to further encourage energy savings.


Energy Info Area

Partners of Nievre Rénov’

Within the framework of Nievre Rénov’, the Energy Info Area advises you on home energy savings (insulation and heating, renewable energies and financial aid for thermal renovation). A personalised reception is possible by appointment at the Town Halls of Chatillon en Bazois and Luzy.

For energy info: Morvan Regional Park – 03 86 78 79 12 –

For the FOURS sector: Nièvre ALE – 03 86 38 22 20 –

Aid for energy performance

In the case of a major thermal renovation and with the objective of achieving certified Low Consumption levels, owners of primary residences can have an “Effilogis” energy audit carried out. It will be financed by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region for up to 550 €, i.e. nearly 80% of the total price of the study carried out by a Regional council approved consultancy. 150 € will therefore remain at the expense of the owner.

For more information contact:
ESPACE INFO ENERGIE PARC du Morvan – 03 86 78 79 12 –


The Energy Solidarity Pact is a loft insulation offer at 1 €, resulting from a programme validated by the State. Its aim is to fight against energy poverty in French households with the most modest incomes (owner-occupiers and tenants), by performing work allowing them to significantly improve the energy performance of their housing.

A household is eligible for the Energy Solidarity Pact if its income is below the ceilings defined by the Anah. Is your income higher? Benefit from our insulation offer at a preferential rate of between 4 € and 17 € including tax/m², i.e. an offer 50% cheaper than market prices!