On the unspoilt borders of the Loire and the foothills of the Morvan mountains, the territory of the Bazois Loire Morvan Community of Communes offers a varied landscape. You can discover the Pays Nivernais Morvan or the Canal du Nivernais winding through our countryside. The landscape includes vast forest areas, a natural green woodland with numerous ponds and rivers. This provides an ideal setting for outdoor activities (hiking trails, bike paths along the canal, green boating path, fishing, etc.).


Road networks connect the urban areas of Nevers, Decize, Autun. The Cercy la Tour and Luzy train stations allow access to Dijon in 2 hours. Located about 3 hours from Paris and Lyon by car, Le Creusot-Montceau TGV station just one hour’s drive away, makes it possible to reach the centre of the capital in 1 hour 20 minutes and Lyon in 45 minutes. A telecentre in the municipality of Moulins Engilbert means working remotely is possible.


Regarding services, each town centre has a medical centre and a Public Services Centre for all remote administrative procedures. The 4 social centres in the territory offer early childhood reception services and various activity programmes for young people and adults. In addition to nurseries and primary schools, the territory has 3 junior high schools. There are home care services in place for the older population (meal deliveries, nursing care, home help).


The territory offers a wide range of leisure opportunities, whether outdoor, indoor, sporting or cultural. Many associations offer their activities and the municipalities have facilities that allow you to practice them. Festivals are regularly organised throughout the year.